#3 Call the visibility callback when minimizing a window

John F. Fay

I am noticing that a visibility callback is not invoked
when one minimizes a window (under X), but it is if a
window is obscured by another window. This makes no
sense. I don't really care what GLUT proper does, but a
minimized window cannot possibly be considered
"Visible". We should have some extension to provide a
callback for this (say GLUT_MINIMIZED argument to
glutVisibility callback).


  • Richard Rauch

    Richard Rauch - 2004-08-29

    Logged In: YES

    For various reasons, OpenGLUT has filed a parallel Bug
    (#1012365) for an initial import.

    Since it seems more like an RFE than a bug, I am refiling it
    as OpenGLUT RFE #1018734 ("Distginuishing callback for
    iconfied windows.").

    If there is any development on this front, it would be
    appreciated if a freeglut developer would append a note to
    the OpenGLUT RFE, as OpenGLUT developers have attached notes
    to freeglut Bugs and RFEs in the past.

    Also, if there is interest in taking this idea further, it
    might be good to check with OpenGLUT to see if the issue is
    being actively debated/developed.


  • Sven Panne

    Sven Panne - 2005-06-30
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Sven Panne

    Sven Panne - 2005-06-30

    Logged In: YES

    Note that we don't need an extension here,
    glutWindowStatusFunc is exactly designed for this case. The
    only bug was that the corresponding callback was not called
    when the window was iconified. The visibility callback uses
    glutWindowStatusFunc, BTW.

  • Richard Rauch

    Richard Rauch - 2005-07-01

    Logged In: YES

    glutWindowStatusFunc() isn't exactly designed for this case.
    It is better suited for handling obscured windows. I think
    that the reshape callback (with 0 size) is closer to handling

    But really, neither of those two callbacks is appropriate.
    The existing two callbacks indicate states that can be
    reverted via changing the size/position of the window or
    calling glutPopWindow(). Iconifying/minimizing the window
    cannot be reverted that way, I think.


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