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I use the new freeglut build 2.8.0 and I have some trouble with this version.
If I use glutFullScreen(), the window resize to fullscreen - good - but if I click now the printing key and watch my picture in paint (or some other tool), its really buggy. I see in the picture the szene from my resolution before and the rest from the picture is a mix of black and white! I know this bug from older freeglut builds and freeglut 2.6.0 fix this but it's back in 2.8.0.

I hope it's possible to fix, because 2.8.0 is really nice (a lot more performance)!

P.s. Sorry for my bad english but I hope the problem is understandable...


  • AMD

    AMD - 2012-03-08
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  • AMD

    AMD - 2012-03-08

    I watch the code from 2.8.0 and 2.6.0 and the code has changed. So the problem is in void glutFullScreen().
    I try to use the glutFullScreen from freeglut 2.6.0 and it works but the glutleavefullscreen crash the application :/

  • AMD

    AMD - 2012-03-08

    The Error

  • Diederick C. Niehorster

    Hi amdfx,

    Thanks for the report. I'm glad you're liking the new freeglut :) I just tested this with current trunk and cannot reproduce your issue with both debug and release builds (32bit builds with MSVC2010, running on 64 bit windows 7).

    Are you still experiencing this issue?

  • John Tsiombikas

    John Tsiombikas - 2015-03-11
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