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I can't seem to grab numpad keys with glutKeyboardFunc or glutSpecialFunc ..

Note, if I have numlock enabled or shift is held down before doing so, then they trigger glutKeyboardFunc with the ascii value for the number being pressed..

Also note, keys 1,3,7, and 9 are triggered because they are respectively correspond to End,PgDn,Home,PgUp.

Is there any way to grab 2,4,5,6,8,./Del,and the numlock key itself?

If not .. could you possibly patch freeglut to do so? :)

And as a temporary alternative .. is it somehow possible to force numlock?

And as a related note ... how about keyboard layout compatibilities? I think this is especially important as I use Dvorak and freeglut behaves as if i've entered the qwerty values. :|


Take care.


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  • John F. Fay

    John F. Fay - 2009-02-03

    In running Windows the numeric keypad keys trigger callbacks to the special key function:

    * Releasing NumLock gives a key code of 144; pressing it is not captured.

    * 0 gives a key code of 108 (GLUT_KEY_INSERT)

    * 1 gives a key code of 107 (GLUT_KEY_END)

    * 2 gives a key code of 103 (GLUT_KEY_DOWN)

    * 3 gives a key code of 105 (GLUT_KEY_PAGE_DOWN)

    and so on.

    What system are you using?

  • Зхэтадйк

    hm.. i'm currently testing on a laptop with Debian 4.0

    I will test on some other systems and hopefully Debian 5.0 will be released as stable soon.

    Thanks for the feedback .. I will follow up in due time.

  • John F. Fay

    John F. Fay - 2009-02-03

    OK, I've managed to duplicate the problem under Red Hat 4. I have just put a fix into the SVN head version. Let me know if it works for you and I will close this ticket.

  • Зхэтадйк

    Hm, well .. thank you very much.

    Frankly, I can't exactly follow through just at the moment for a couple of reasons..

    First off, I'm accessing freeglut via the PyOpenGL wrapper (via the Python programming language) and so I would have to wait for a subsequent release of PyOpenGL with an updated freeglut version.

    Also, at the moment the only other non-Debian 4.0 system I have set up is a Windows 2000 machine without OpenGL so I can't even really test that.

    Either way, thank you again for your attention feel free to peek at the long term project I'm working on at HTTP://Libre.K1T.NET/ (revision 471 due out soon with *numerous* modifications)

    Thank you again!

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