#60 Task Computation

Unstable (example)

I've noticed that only unicast tasks are queued and only are considered these tasks when taking free slots. By contrast, multicast tasks are not taken into account by the server. You can do endless tasks multicast, and these do not take free slots. We have modified the code to take into account these multicast tasks. One multicast tasks is one thread, and occupies a open slot, and not as many slots as there are hosts associated with the task multicast.

In dashboard.include.php:
$ActivityActive = getNumberOfTasks($conn, 1);
$ActivityQueued = getNumberOfTasks($conn, 0);
$ActivitySlots = getGlobalQueueSize($conn) - $ActivityActive;

This variables only consider unicast tasks. The function getNumberOfTasks must be modified to take into account the tasks of uploading and downloading. You have to redefine this function getNumberOfTasks ($conn,$ intState,$taskType = "D") y define one more getNumberOfMulticastTasks($conn, $taskState)

$ActivityActive = getNumberOfTasks($conn, 1, 'U' ) + getNumberOfTasks($conn, 1, 'D' ) +getNumberOfMulticastTasks($conn, 1);
$ActivityQueued = getNumberOfTasks($conn, 0 , 'U') + getNumberOfTasks($conn, 0 , 'D');

In Pre_Stage1.php:

$groupNumRunning = getNumberInQueueByNFSGroup($conn, 1, $nfsGroupID);

$groupNumRunning = getNumberInQueueByNFSGroup($conn, 1, $nfsGroupID) + getNumberOfMulticastTasks($conn, 1);


  • Fernando

    Fernando - 2011-12-13

    functions.include.php file with getNumberOfTasks ($conn,$ intState,$taskType = "D") and getNumberOfMulticastTasks($conn, $taskState)

  • mastacontrola

    mastacontrola - 2014-05-26
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: mastacontrola
    • Group: --> Unstable (example)
  • mastacontrola

    mastacontrola - 2014-05-26

    Duplicate patch exists in Bugs, will take a look at, but pretty sure this is now implemented.


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