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ScriptWriter Not Supported Anymore

Sorry to say, Free Film Project will not support the "ScriptWriter" project anymore. Because of it's depencies on Abiword, libraries & the Linux platform.

I'm presently in the process of searching for a new <<open source cross-platform scripwriting>> project that will be integrated or forked into FFP. But ScripWriter files are still going to be hosted by FFP. If anyone objects to my decision, please contact me thru the mailing list or my sourceforge address "born_to_code at". I'm open to any suggestions or comments!... read more

Posted by David Baron 2004-03-27

New Admin 2004

my name is David Baron. I'm the new admin for the Free Film Project. I taking the responsibility of updating, restructuring the websites & the software for the project! I hope to bring some very talented people to our group & evolve this project to it's full potential.

More News To Come!

If you have any questions you can contact me @:
born_to_code at

Posted by David Baron 2004-03-24

Starting Phase 2

The Free Film Project is an attempt to construct a complete distributed virtual film studio and to then develop feature-length movies equal to (or better than) anything Hollywood can churn out, using the studio. This project is now moving into phase 2. This means that effort is to concentrate on distributed computing, video editing and animation rendering, although coding on all other modules is still very important.

Posted by Jonathan Day 2000-06-15