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Version 2,0,0

Finally I had some time to release this second version. A long journey was made to arrive to this point. A lot of new things were added. In the first version you only had one operation, now you have 5. They can be used in sequence and repeatedly. An additional interface was created to manage all those operations. They now allow you to:

- Remove all characters from the base name and extension.
- Replace the base name or extension.
- Insert Strings.
- Insert sequence numbers... read more

Posted by Paulo Sá 2011-05-23

The version 1,0,0 Beta

The first beta is almost a release version. It just needs some interface adjustments and some tutorial to easily help use the aplication. For now it can only rename files using a text file with names. But this operation can be very useful. For instance if you have a set of files from your favorite TV program but the files have some weird names and you want them with the name of each episode. You can get the episode names from the internet and put them in a text file. Add some text like the TV program name and episode number. Then just use the text file and the Free File Renamer to rename the files.
If the files already have the names you want and you want to make some changes to them, you can use the Free File Renamer to save the files names into a text file. Make the changes you need and them rename the files again.

Posted by Paulo Sá 2010-08-16

The project main idea

The idea for this project is to build a powerful tool for renaming files and directories without any limitation and in a fast and practical way.
For the purpose the application will have a working folder with all the files we want to rename. And some ways to change the files order.
For the renaming, the user will have a set of operations that can be used in any order and as many times they want to get the job done.

Posted by Paulo Sá 2010-08-16

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