On the Eiffel Studio Mailing List, it has been discussed to make available the Eiffel version so that it is available to any class / C library. Also, Eric B mentioned that it would cool to have some sort of indication what Eiffel Compiler was used.


To this end, I’m proposing the following changes:

eiffel_version: INTEGER is

                                -- The version of the Eiffel Environment as set by the vendor


                                Result := 66



eiffel_compiler: STRING is

                                -- The name of the Eiffel Compiler used to compile the code

                                -- Can be “ec”, “gec”, “other”


                                Result := “ec”



Have no idea how one can make sure these values are being set appropriately between Eiffel Vendors, but I think that should be up to them.


One of the discussed benefits would be that one can then see from an exception trace which Eiffel version & compiler were used to create the binary.