Done this week:

- Subscribed for an IRC bouncer and learned how to use it;

-Installed git-svn and created a copy of the freedroid archive on my pc, compiled and run it;

-Started to talk with my mentor (JK Wood) about the project;

-Played the game (I'm in the town, I spoke with almost all the npcs, did two quests, used the terminal and so on) to investigate it deeper;


Now I feel more into the team, and I can read all that is said on the IRC, so I don't loose anymore important communications or discussions.
Besides, I know better the game (before I was always defeated by bots in the beginning) and I think it has been useful also because of the little bug I found on the librarian's dialog
(in which the first words showed are always the last things Tux said to another NPC).


The first time I tried to create the git-svn repo, it gave me an error after two hours of download and then I had to redo all
from the beginning, waiting for almost 3 hours because of my sudden slow internet connection, but now it's all ok.


-Talk more with JK Wood about my project (especially the first task I'll do: the level enter event hook) and read better the documentation;

-Update my git-svn repo and learn how to use branches and do patches (and then looking for a ticket to pick up on the tracker);

-Continue to play the game and find new details to investigate, for the "Freedroid general culture" project.

I hope I didn't forget anything!

Greetings :)
Maria Grazia