UIDE etc. (Sep. 2) - UPDATED

Jack Ellis has been working hard again. "UHDD now runs from a 28-byte parameter table, as described in its UHDD.TXT file. UDVD2 now accepts a /S cache-size switch (same values up to 4-GB as for UHDD/UIDE), to set a 'private' CD/DVD cache using such a table! Without /S, UDVD2 works as before, using UHDD's 'common' cache! Other user drivers can do the same! Video-game players can load UHDD and then load UDVD2 /S700 (or less), and the entire CD game will get cached privately, same as a RAM-disk! 'CD/DVD only' users can load UHDD /Snnn /N1, then load UDVD2 with no /S switch -- /N1 will save 848 bytes and make UHDD a 'cache only' driver that UDVD2 can still call! Users of disks and CDs/DVDs can run on only UHDD's cache as before, set a 'private' CD/DVD directory-only cache with UDVD2 /S15 /UD, or have a full 'private' cache for CDs/DVDs with UDVD2 /Snnn (no /UD). UCACHE2 deleted, since UHDD now runs MULTIPLE caches including its own!" Grab binaries and sources on iBiblio under /dos/cdrom/uide/ . UPDATE: "Possible UDVD2 'media-change' error fixed. UHDD /N1 size reduced. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only."

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-08-27

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