Mined 2013.23

On August 18, Thomas Wolff released Mined 2013.23 for various platforms, including DOS via DJGPP. Major enhancements in this release: Editing: * New double-click feature for word selection. * Tweaks on smart editing features (undent, wrap, identifier search etc). Filename handling: * Suppressing backup file names as generated by command line auto-completion. Character information: * Updated to Unicode 6.2. Interworking: * Speed-up of directory browsing. * Revamped file information statistics to accomodate slow systems. Bug fixes: * Explicit tab width option (-4/-8) takes precedence over file info memory. * Fixes related to NUL or NONE pseudo lineends. Grab binaries and sources at http://towo.net/mined/ or on iBiblio under /edit/mined/ .

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-08-22

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