Source code released: 386SWAT, QLINK, DPMIONE

Bob Smith writes: "At long last, I am releasing the source code for three of my old DOS projects." QLINK - DOS linker and analysis tool, can replace the MS-DOS LINK.EXE. 386SWAT - protected mode debugger, while occupying only a few kilobytes of low DOS memory. DPMIONE - an outgrowth of the DPMI 1.0 host which first appeared in 386MAX from Qualitas. Bob has released all of these under the GNU GPL version 3.

Here are the details:

* 386SWAT: A Protected Mode Debugger.

* QLINK: A Protected Mode Linker. This linker requires a DPMI 1.0 host.

* DPMIONE: A Standalone DPMI 1.0 Host.

Posted by Jim Hall 2012-02-10

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