FreeDOS 1.1 is released!

We'd like to announce the release of the FreeDOS 1.1 distribution! Bernd Blaauw has been hard at work, updating our FreeDOS distribution to include the latest packages. Bernd writes: "In its current form this new distribution is best suited as a CD-ROM disk to install FreeDOS from onto harddisk. Sources are included. It might be considered as replacement for the current 'base-only' 1.0 distributions as created by Blair and Jeremy, however it's less functional as it's missing the Live Environment part (\FDOS directory on CD)." Get it at - or more directly, from (Mirror sites should be available in a few days.)

For those who prefer the more complete software set from 1.0, the FreeDOS 1.0 distribution is still available at

Bernd adds:

"Future plans should consist of extending the amount of available programs to the level that 1.0 had, possibly exceeding it. Also not all batchfile work is done yet to guarantee 100% proper working configurations (partitioned harddisk versus unpartitioned versus no harddisk, USB flash drives or not, memdisk or not, various amounts of system memory from 1MB to 4096MB+ etc..)."

Posted by Jim Hall 2012-01-02

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