Thank you Tom!!

I've set this bug to my list of to-do's, and will go to the next version.


2012-06-25 13:24 GMT+02:00 Tom Ehlert <>:

>    KEYB.EXE 11,446 06-24-12

> leaves, when running, a huge memory hole. at least with only HIMEM
> loaded. note the HUGE memory hole behind KEYB

the problem is

function MCBAlloc ( para: word ) : word;
var allocs,f,m: word;

        mov     ah, $58          { set alloc strategy }
        mov     al, 1
        xor     bh,bh
>>>     mov     bl, $41
        int     $21

using 'best fit' is virtually ALWAYS a bug for a TSR

solution 1) use some buffer in the program, at the end of the TSR
code. use/resize this buffer as needed

solution 2) use
      mov     bl, $82   last fit, try high then low memory

this allocates memory from top, but doesn't create holes.

unfortunately I'm not able to compile this; awaiting the  maintainer
to fix this bug


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