The problem is that I'm not having as much spare time lately as I used to have.
At this moment, I'm trying to recover a comfortable programming environment in a Win7 Laptop.

But it's not so easy as it used to be since the 64-bit arrived everywhere, the 16-bit DOS programs no longer run natively, and I'm setting a virtual machine with a network link to my real harddrive. If only things were as easy as they used to be :(

There's another idea lingering around (but that I won't be able to perform in a time soon), which is to create a virtual machine with DOS development software, that could maybe be made downloadable for whoever wants to develop for DOS. The problem here is picking the operating system that can route such network drive correctly, and on which you can comfortably multitask between the IDE, compiler, and a DOS to run tests (out of licensing problems, WinXP would be a nice choice :( ).

Choosing the VM for a freely distributable manager is also a problem: in a remote past I used VMware, that worked fairly well. I have been experimenting with Bosch, QEmu, and VirtualBox, as I also wanted Linux VMs for such environments, and I was pretty unsuccessful with Bosch, somewhat successful with QEmu, but VirtualBox seemed to be doing pretty well.

What's your own experience for virtual machines? ideas or suggestions?


2012-08-11 10:06 GMT+02:00 Rugxulo <rugxulo@gmail.com>:
Hi again,

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:11 AM, Tom Ehlert <te@drivesnapshot.de> wrote:
>> Surely a simple binary patch is possible in the meantime. I've not
>> tested this (yet), but you could try this:
>> upx -d keyb.exe
>> hiew keyb.exe (or similar hex editor)
>> offset 0x3E06 is "mov bl, 0x41"
>> change offset 0x3E07 from 0x41 to 0x82
>> run modified version for comparison (keyb.exe /blah ...)
> ok. this works much better.
> now when will we have FreeDOS 1.1.2 with this bug fixed ?

Unless somebody else volunteers, it's probably? up to Bernd (no
pressure!), so "when it's done"!   ;-)

BTW, it's been almost two months since you first mentioned this, so I
don't know what's up with Aitor, haven't heard from him. It's easy
(maybe too easy!) to forget little fixes when no one shows much
interest. I can only blindly guess that Aitor only has intermittent
access to the Internet these days. Oh well, blame real life (tm), this
isn't hugely urgent or important anyways.

Anyways, I figured I'd go ahead and upload this patch (and the FD Edit
one) to iBiblio for completeness. I mean, I don't know what else to
do, any better ideas??