#61 Free DOS Live CD


The only available Live Free DOS environment, that I was able to find on the website is available as a floppy image.
Due to size limitations, it would be VERY useful to have a Live CD instead.


  • Chess for the Blind

    So... Although the LiveCD is spoken of as a done deal it exists nowhere, its like a fantasy conversation? The talk about the FreeDOS LiveCD? What for fun? Hmmm. Now for something completely different...: At http://www.freedos.org/download/ you can get FreeDOS right?
    FreeDOS 1.1, the latest and greatest. I went for the base... and got the source. Older 'they did it for me' packages have the base and source separate each one under its proper button. But for 1.1 you have a sign advertising the base and a button to press but the file is a ...SRC..., ya I saw the base inside it but that isnt the point, the point is after the LiveCD debacle and this SRC under the BASE button Id have to say you guys dont have your act together and I'm just gonna drop it, stay away, treat you as a bad influence and advertise the same. What a miserable piece of work, your web page, your project, its just like the world today, all messed up, something where you dont know what bad thing will happen to you next, ya I saw the BASE folder but is it the base? Is it the src-base, in other words something different from the base and unusable for installation, (I only can do LiveCD which you talked about but didnt 'do for me'. It may be a good prog but your presentation has put me off it forever. Whose responsible for that mess?

  • Anthony Williams

    There aren't enough volunteers, and they (almost) all have lives outside of FreeDOS, which is not commercially sponsored in any way.

    Bernd mostly did the 1.1 release himself, which was a huge improvement. Having a LiveCD might be useful, but only for a select few. Most people already know how to roll their own or install manually, even.

    Just for quick reference, here's what Bernd once posted:

    mkisofs -R -D -V "FreeDOS 1.0b" -o /tmp/fdbasecd-remastered.iso -b \ ./isolinux/isolinux.bin -c ./isolinux/boot.cat -no-emul-boot \ -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table ./

    Never tried it, but that should get you started. Basically, for a liveCD, you want to boot DOS but allow use in RAM (e.g. RAM disk). But since there is so much legacy software out there, it's very hard to choose what to put on such a disk. While there is a sad lack of ports to DOS these days, there is still tons of software I personally could cram on there. Some people wouldn't want certain things taking up all that space (waste of HD to download the .iso, waste of RAM to load it, etc). And BTW keep in mind that even if you do finalize a distro, software tends to get incremental updates, so that's more of a pain to keep updated as a useful unit than as little, separate pieces.

    FreeDOS is considered stable, so there is no huge maintenance going on, nor improvements. Like I said, volunteers are few, and kernel developers and packagers / maintainers are few too. I don't know how many frequently read the bug tracker. I'm no kernel dev, and I only see it now because I was going to update the News. You'd get more responses from one of the mailing lists (freedos-user or freedos-devel).

    Did I mention we're low on volunteers?? :-) Much much much much lower than other, higher-profile projects. DOS ain't exactly "kewl" anymore (even if we do have semi-modern stuff like DJGPP, Mpxplay, UIDE). If you're expect Linux-level of enthusiasm and support, forget it. But if you have an interest in DOS (and some experience over the years), it wouldn't be the worst idea to jump in.

  • Anthony Williams

    BTW, I forgot to mention, there is a nice bootable USB installer (runs atop a Windows host) called RUFUS that will install FreeDOS for you. It works for me and others, so you may wish to try it. It's much easier to get going than rolling your own liveCD: http://rufus.akeo.ie/

  • Chess for the Blind

    Thanks for the info and clarifications. I clearly lost my patience and became rude. That is always a mistake and I apologize to you perpetualy. I have the newest SRC and will, with the info you provided, try another go. I am sorry I can not donate time but I am not a hacker yet. Thanks and best Regards to you and the project.


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