#117 MD5 Checksum error with FreeDOS 1.1 ISO image

Jim Hall
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David Fuson

I have downloaded the FreeDOS 1.1 version and I tried to install it using the Fedora ISO install application and I received a MD5 checksum error to a 1.0GB CF card. Also, I tried to install FreeDOS 1.1 using the Windows app physdiskwrite-0.5.3 and it stopped at about 1 MB into the ISO write to a CompactFlash 1.0 GB card. Next, I used the Windows app DD.exe and received an error "5". Finally, I used the Ubuntu OS and DD command and notices the the download speed were 1.1 "GB" per sec to a device that support only 2.5 MB per sec, plus the install did not take place.

Also, the 1.0 GB CF Card tested free of any internal sector errors using the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition.

As a side note: The Oracle VirtualBox did install the FreeDOS onto my PC, with no problems.


David Fuson


  • Jim Hall

    Jim Hall - 2016-10-24

    Not sure what to do with this bug. Doesn't seem like an actual bug - problem seems to be on the Windows PC not downloading correctly (bad MD5, unable to write to CF card, etc).

    I think the problem here is how the CD image was being written to media. Clearly the ISO was correctly downloaded, as he mentions Oracle VirtualBox did install FreeDOS from ISO with no problems.

  • Jim Hall

    Jim Hall - 2016-10-24

    Will close. Probably as "wontfix" since this doesn't seem to be a bug in FreeDOS.

  • Jim Hall

    Jim Hall - 2016-10-24
    • status: open --> wont-fix
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