#10 [kernel] Files >2 GiB and > 4 GiB

Kernel (32)

FreeDOS aborts writing at 2 GiB. Also, it won't even open files >2 GiB created with other systems. No problem in EDR-DOS.

1. [priority=10] Raise the limit to 4 GiB. Trivial ?

2. [priority=5] Delete the 4 GiB limit as well. This obviously violates great M$'s FAT28 spec, but otherwise no problem.

3. [priority=2] Add a better filesystem than FAT.


  • dos386

    dos386 - 2008-12-03
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The suggestions which violate FAT specs or even ask to replace FAT by another filesystem do not belong here. Put them into the WISH (feature request) tracker instead, not into this BUG tracker. Thank you :-).

  • Kenneth Davis

    Kenneth Davis - 2010-07-30
    • labels: --> Kernel
  • Kenneth Davis

    Kenneth Davis - 2010-07-30
    • assigned_to: nobody --> perditionc
  • Kenneth Davis

    Kenneth Davis - 2012-02-08
    • assigned_to: perditionc --> nobody
  • Jim Hall

    Jim Hall - 2016-11-04

    I don't see these as "bugs." FreeDOS is intended to be a clone of DOS. By default, that includes the same limitations of DOS, including FAT.

    I don't see a way to relabel this in the tracker as a "wishlist" item. Can we close?


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