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Windows support

I am proud to announce that as of 1.01, freediag compiles and runs natively on Win32 platforms ! A CMake build system has been created to make working on freediag easier.

v1.01 is released as two files :
freediag-1.01-src.tar.gz A platform-independant source code package 32-bit binaries for Windows

As I have limited resources for testing on different platforms, user reports are always welcome. See the release notes for the complete details !

Posted by CSB 2014-03-05 Labels: windows

ELM support

As promised, ELM support is still being worked on. Today I have had some success; you will need the latest CVS source to try it out. Due to an oversight on my part, much more still needs to be done. At least, ELM devices (and some ebay clones) can now be used. For now, only the following method will work :
scantool> set interface elm /dev/ttyUSB0
scantool> set l2protocol raw
scantool> diag
scantool/diag> connect
[loads of warnings, followed by "Connection to ECU established" ]
scantool/diag> sendreq 01 00
For some reason, requests often need to be sent twice before getting a response. With some effort it is still possible to view & clear DTCs :... read more

Posted by CSB 2011-08-07

freediag in 2011

As many have noticed, freediag is quite moribund. I'm not ready to say it's dead, but it will probably never become a "final solution" to vehicle diagnostics, for various reasons (some explained in the mailing list archives from a few years back). I believe however that it can be useful to many people (including me) willing to experiment. This is why I will still, on occasion, spend a few hours to maintain and update the project. I have much spare time in the next few days, and I am working on some (IMHO) much-needed additions to freediag.
Some of these include :
- timestamp logging for low-level "dumb" interfaces
- customizable timing during execution (based on external measurements) for "dumb" interfaces
- finally, support for ELM devices.... read more

Posted by CSB 2011-06-06

forums vs mailing list

Greetings to all who follow this project.
I would suggest that further general discussion
should take place on the mailing lists because
many people (me included) don't check the forums
very often.

No, freediag is not dead yet, just napping...

Posted by CSB 2009-10-06

freediag in 2009 !!!

Greetings to all,
starting now (june 2009), the mailing list and forums will be moderated and read at least by me (fenugrec).
Testers and developpers welcome ! freediag still lives !

Posted by CSB 2009-06-20