freediag in 2011

As many have noticed, freediag is quite moribund. I'm not ready to say it's dead, but it will probably never become a "final solution" to vehicle diagnostics, for various reasons (some explained in the mailing list archives from a few years back). I believe however that it can be useful to many people (including me) willing to experiment. This is why I will still, on occasion, spend a few hours to maintain and update the project. I have much spare time in the next few days, and I am working on some (IMHO) much-needed additions to freediag.
Some of these include :
- timestamp logging for low-level "dumb" interfaces
- customizable timing during execution (based on external measurements) for "dumb" interfaces
- finally, support for ELM devices.

Note that Win32 support isn't in my long-term plans. Sorry !

The prospective user should check out the source code from CVS, as the sourceforge releases will not be updated as often.

I am very interested in getting any and all success/bug reports, building issues, patches, etc. These can be submitted through Sourceforge or directly to me at beltoid97 at mail dot. com.

Posted by CSB 2011-06-06

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