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  • tmort

    tmort - 2007-12-22

    I downloaded, extracted, and compiled version .3.  I see an executable called scantool, but when I navigate to the directory it is located in with the terminal and typ scantool nothing happens

    I am running Fedora 7

    Can anyone help with this?


    • Paul

      Paul - 2008-01-13

      you will need to make it executable and then while in the directory type: ./scantool

      chmod +x scantool 

      chomd is the command to make it execuatable.


    • Richard Almeida

      Richard Almeida - 2008-01-13

      Your 'path' (where the shell looks for executables) does not include the current directory - this is the default if you are root so you don't accidentally run something that is in someones directory you are looking at.

      So, you need to specify exactly where the exectable is, so type

      The compiler will have already made the scantool executable, so no need for the chmod command.

      Its nice to see that someone still tries to use this program - i wrote (most) of it a long long time ago and the project   seems to have sadly faltered.



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