Mr.OBDer - 2007-12-20

I've got connection without any problem with freediag pack itself.

Toyota Sienna '00
two 1-3 years old notebooks (ASUS M6Q00VA and FujiSiemens Lifebook E-series) with RS232 COM ports. Both connected.
JEFF interface
DSL linux 4.1 (kernel 2.4) on the usb-flash-stick under root's login
compiled with gcc3.3.4

first of all would like to understand the "cms" functionality from "test" submenu
especially "do_j1979_cms()" function.
it's print "Currently monitored DTCs: " message also in "monitor" mode.
End nothing else. I have no "CHECK" lamp and no DTC codes..

What for is cms mode? Is it some bugs in my car?