VAG/Ross-Tech cable/Is this project dead?

  • nihil

    nihil - 2009-08-18

    I've been trying to get freediag to work with my `02 Audi A4 via Ross-Tech KEY+COM cable, but no luck. I noticed "VAGTOOL" listed as a valid interface name, but get errors when I try to connect.

    While I can use VAG-COM under wine on the laptop, I'd really like to be able to use a tool like freediag on my phone (OpenMoko FreeRunner GTA02, runs the leenooks).

    So like the subject queries, is this project dead? I'd be more than happy to contribute in any way I can, but it doesn't look like it's going anywhere.

    • CSB

      CSB - 2009-08-22

      It's not dead but not user-friendly yet. Far from it. I'll go farther and say it's more in a "dev-only" state right now. If you're handy with an oscilloscope you can be of much help, though. Other nice things to contribute would be a copy of ISO9141 & other standards.
      I'm currently maintaining the project, but I'm awfully busy these days.

      • Babeinthewoods

        Babeinthewoods - 2009-08-23

        Maybe I can help you with this project. I am an Automotive Instructor and I use PC based scan tools every day. -On Windows- I would love to have a functioning scan tool running under Linux.

      • nihil

        nihil - 2009-08-23

        Might have more in backups somewhere. And though I'm not sure how handy I'll be with it, I also have a scope (not wonderfully spec'd, but should suffice for automotive work).

        • CSB

          CSB - 2009-08-28

          ndnihil : Awesome, thanks a lot for that document. I already have the SAE J* documents as well as an ISO14230 equivalent (swedish standard, but the doc is in english). 9141 was the most important I was looking for.

          If your scope has storage functions and can sample at least a few kHz it should be quite enough. My idea would be to first ensure that the timings are OK, then possibly compare the transactions with a commercial OBD reader (basic handheld readers are getting quite inexpensive on ebay...)

          • nihil

            nihil - 2009-08-28

            It samples at up to 40MHz, here's the specs on it:

            My car is post 1996 VAG (`02 Audi A4), and has dual K lines. I believe `06 is when they switched to CAN. Would I be checking the timing on K1? (sorry, I'm relatively new to OBD).

            • CSB

              CSB - 2009-08-30

              You should be able to get some good info from your scope.
              For the dual K-lines, from what I read on , you would
              indeed use K1 for basic diagnosis. You would need to setup your
              scope to trigger on a falling edge on K1, and try to sample as much
              data as you can. Might be difficult with a 5 bps init sequence...
              Also note that you should be using the code from CVS. I'm
              almost tempted to package a "pre-alpha" release so people
              stop using v0.3 ...

              Further replies to this thread should be sent to the mailing list -
              easier to keep track, I find. Quite well moderated too, I might add !


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