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We have a third developer in the group, welcome !!

I would like to welcome Arun Gupta from India as the new developer of FreeDCS.

Arun has lots of experience in networking as well as programming experience in C, Phyton, and more. Arun will help to develop the controller code and build environment as well as the networking algorithms for the whole system.

He is working hard catching up with the system architecture and testing the controller build environment to be able to write functional tests and functions for the controller code.... read more

Posted by Robert Perez 2014-01-28

We have a new Developer in the group !!!

I would like to welcome Sebastian Fuchs from Germany as the new developer of FreeDCS.
Sebastian has prior experience with DCS systems as well as programming experience mainly in Java. He will help to develop the GUI for FreeDCS and is also helping to create the requirements for the project.

Sebastian jointed the project with lots of ideas about features and GUI layout.
We have been discussing them for some time and now we are almost ready to start taking what FreeDCS already does and adapt it to incorporate those features.... read more

Posted by Robert Perez 2013-06-21

Running the controller on real hardware

Hello everyone !

Now the controller is running on real hardware !
It's an ARM board running at 400Mhz with 64MB RAM, eth, serial and so on and of course Linux + Xenomai.

The DCS engineering station is also installed on a real machine running XUbuntu and now it's much faster. Before it was in a virtual machine.

Have uploaded a couple of new videos in the channel
(select HD quality)... read more

Posted by Robert Perez 2012-04-28

News !!!

Hi all !

In December I received the embedded board to start testing in real hardware.
Right now I'm playing a bit with it and working in designing the IO modules.
Will have more news and videos soon.


Posted by Robert Perez 2012-01-15

New demonstration video !!

There is a new video showing the actual state of the project regarding the animation of operator displays. It could be seen at

Posted by Robert Perez 2011-09-06

Video available !

There is a small video available that somehow shows the current state of the project. The video is in
More videos will come and I hope that with better quality.
BR, Robert.

Posted by Robert Perez 2010-11-29

Project News !!!

The project is on its way !!!
Even if I haven't updated the code in the svn I have been working hard.
You can see now some screenshots of the proyect. Right know its able to design logic with function blocks, connect them, and when click load the program is compiled and sent to a remote controller via ethernet. Then the controller loads it and you command to start execution. Then you can see the real values of the program in your engineering station where its animated with colors and values. There you can force, set values, invert digital pins, etc. You could also connect values from other control programs in the same controller and use them in another control program. All the information is saved in a Postgres database for easy searching capabilities. The hole systems is realy fast now because its not loaded, but its quite promissing.
Basic blocks have been implemented, AND gate, SUM block, MUX analog multiplexer and the best of all, a (not so) rudimentary PID control block. You can set gains Kp, Kd and Ki, give a set point, put it to 0 manual mode or 1 automatic mode and start controlling.... read more

Posted by Robert Perez 2010-09-30

Code is now available !

The code I'm working on is currentrly available in the svn repository!

You can play with the code if you want or follow the development and make comments. Ideas are welcomed!

Posted by Robert Perez 2009-04-03

Where I'm working ?

Comms with engineering stations and process controller.

Posted by Robert Perez 2008-08-21

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