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New Version one step away from rc1

The newest Version of FreeCS has undergon some changes in the past Week. Most developers will be happy to hear about some changes about the Messageparsing, Messagerendering and Commandexecution. These parts have been reworked and should be much easier to change.
Additionally there is now the possibility to display a Userlist outside of the chat (incl. usercount and open-group-count). FreeCS now supports moderation of deffined rooms. All messages within this room will only be seen by the moderator, which will have to acknowledge them to make them visible for everybody in this room.

Posted by Manfred Andres 2003-10-04

Documentationupdate for FreeCS

The documentation-area ( has recieved two new documents describing the basic structure and installation, how to customize the layout easily and how to connect to an SQL-datasource. All three documents are also included as plain-text-files within the docs-folder of the distributions.

Posted by Manfred Andres 2003-09-26

FreeCS gone OpenSource!

FreeCS is an OpenSource webchat, designed to serve as many peopel as possible in an as flexible way as possible. To serve as many peoble, the chatserver makes use of the none-blocking-io-classes of Java, which makes it possible to have one thread for io instead one thread per connection. Keeping the resource consumption of the server to a low value. The flexibility is achived with a modular design allowing everybody to write their own authentication-mechanism (to integrate with their other community-related sites) and the possibility to use an infinite number of templatesets including the design of the pages and each chatmessage (to make it look like their other community-related sites).... read more

Posted by Manfred Andres 2003-09-20

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