#44 Partial cargo looks the same

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In the original game the icons for partial cargo on wagons or ships (e.g. 76 cigars instead of 100) were darker than complete cargo.


  • Michael Vehrs

    Michael Vehrs - 2010-10-15
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  • Janet Hunt

    Janet Hunt - 2011-02-21
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    • assigned_to: burschik --> nobody
  • Kalle Viiri

    Kalle Viiri - 2011-02-21

    Actually I think they were grayscaled, not just darker, but this could be version dependant. In any case, the part that matters is that they're distinct somehow.

  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2012-01-24
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2013-01-16
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  • wintertime

    wintertime - 2015-03-29

    Is this still needed? Currently the icons dont change, but it is showing the number of items.

    • Calebrw

      Calebrw - 2015-03-29

      For consistency purposes between FreeCol and Co1, copying the behavior of Col1 is essential.

      In at least some circumstances, partial cargo is not displayed with the number of cargo, but rather just the icon. The attached imagery is an example of different ways cargo can be displayed on a ship. They same most likely holds true for a Wagon Train.

  • wintertime

    wintertime - 2015-08-05

    I have added the numbers to the cargo count on the carrier in InfoPanel.
    This should bring feature parity with Col1, albeit with different visuals (which afaik the FreeCol goals allow).
    Anything missing or can it be closed now?

    • Mike Pope

      Mike Pope - 2015-08-06

      An informed opinion of a Col1 player would be good here. However, if one is not forthcoming reasonably soon I think this can be closed.

      • wintertime

        wintertime - 2015-09-11

        Setting it to fixed, as more than a month has passed without anyone saying there was something missing and we'll have a release soon.

  • wintertime

    wintertime - 2015-09-11
    • status: open --> pending-fixed
    • Group: Current --> Fixed_trunk
  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2015-10-17
    • Status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed
    • Group: Fixed_trunk --> Fixed_0.11.6

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