#40 Taxation WITH representation


I just discovered, that in Free Col, when hiring a soldier And then selling his muskets you pay tax. And you Shouldn't :


As you can see, the Tax is 75%


But I can sell the Soldier's muskets for 950, the full market price.


Ideas for FreeCol 2: #114


  • DuKe2112

    DuKe2112 - 2010-05-24

    makes sense, those muskets are still in the homeland, so they don't apply for colonial tax, same goes for pioneer I suppose.

  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2010-06-15

    So what was the price of recruiting the soldier? Did it vary with the price of the muskets or is it fixed? (as is the case in FreeCol, mistakenly IMHO)

  • Janet Hunt

    Janet Hunt - 2011-02-21
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  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2012-01-24
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  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2013-01-16
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  • sjy68a16a3pu9oy5o0rpzq20lrd5

    So what was the price of recruiting the soldier?

    If by "recruiting" you mean 'acquiring' colonists in Col1 by using the "Train"-Button on the Europe screen, then the answer is 2000 Gold fixed at least as far as I can tell.
    The attached screenshots show very different conditions all with the same "Train"-Button pricelist.
    I also seem to distinctly remember, that it was often cheaper or easier, later in the game, to 'buy' Expert Ore Miners for 600 Gold and use them as generic colonists (deleting their specialty if necessary) because the price was fixed.
    (A memory that's corroborated by this page)

    If on the other hand by "recruiting the soldier" you are talking about 'acquiring' it via the "Recruit"-Button on the Europe screen, then the price of recruiting does vary, but I doubt it is dependent on the European prices for goods, since the price is the same for all three candidates you can choose from and is thus not dependent on the occupation or equipment of said candidate.

    Last edit: sjy68a16a3pu9oy5o0rpzq20lrd5 2014-11-09

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