#29 Trading with Natives


Here are two vivid discrepancies:

- Aztecs and Incas should always offer Silver for sale.
- Ore... in Col it's one of the typical goods that Natives sell. And like other goods it's probably relatedo to the spot they live on. But here in FreeCol, AFAICT they never offer Ore. Even if they're settlement is hill-adjacent.

(They should also be bringing those goods as a gift.)

Now let's dig into some more complex issues.

In FreeCol Natives never sell coats or bring them as a gift; unlike in Col. And I was going to just up nad report it, but after some more testing I realized that on a typical random map in Col Natives indeed have no coats. Only cash crops, Ore and Silver. Then I realized, I'm usually playing on America map, which is apparently a little different. Many tribes offer coats in place of furs.

I conclude, that Natives should have at least latent ability to make and sell Coats. With this comes the possibility to learn the profession of Fur Frader from Natives. It's very rare, but it's there.The other player has reported that in Col the same applies to Cloth, but I wasn't able to verify that.

About the quantity:

In Col natives offer 25 units of goods at the time, not 100 like here. Now actually in Col the quantity of goods they're offering is always ¼ of what they bought. So if you sell less then 4 they'll offer you 0 of something. Yep, it's an obvious example of bad programming.

But what IMO makes sense is that Natives don't have fancy storage facilities and so they apparently can't have more then the basic 100 of anything in their settlement at a time; while in FreeCol you can buy more than 300 of one thing in a row.

Also in FreeCol there ther usually are two things for sale which are absurdly expensive like 700, 800... and one that costs from 100 to about 105. In Col you could buy 25 units of something at a prices ranging from 50 to few hundered, usualy 25 units of Silver or Coats would cost just about 200 something, and Coats were even cheaper, so the finished goods if only aailable were the best deal.

FreeCol prices in general are faithful to Col to some point, but there are such crazy things like Aztecs and Incas offering 2400 of gold for trade goods. And tou can still haggle! This is insane. In all the years I've been playing Col I don't remember ever getting more than 2000 for 100 of anything. And even prices close to that are rare. Only the most desperate tribe would pay significantly more then a 1000 for a full load of horses or muskets. Most prices don't exceed one thousand, so I'd reccomend cutting the best Native offers by half... .

And BTW, you should also be able to haggle when buying things.

It could add to the fun of trading, as Native annoyance caused by haggling when selling effected their reactions when buying. Sometimes it might be better to not get too greedy about the asking price, so the offering prices are lower and they won't loose their patience immediately when you start haggling again.


  • JaVs

    JaVs - 2009-09-15

    Want to add that I never got finished goods as a gift from natives in Col. But I do remember (very rarely!!!) getting them for-sale after trading.

    Silver from Aztecs and Incas were not exclusive, but very common, for trade and gift from silver-access cities, which made me generally spare the Incas instead of killing them off for their great trade and (generally) peaceful nature. Aztecs died for early cash-out from the cities, and because they usually attacked me long-term, after offering a few lucrative gifts.

    Aztec and Inca also usually offered more from trade than other tribes in Col. Significantly. I could expect 1000+ on almost any 100 cargo from them, and usually in excess of 1600 when I brought a "desired" cargo. Other tribes might hit 1k on desired cargo, but tended to offer in the 600-800 range on other goods, specifically trade goods.

    Also confirmed: indian for sale prices are too high. It was consistently logical to buy goods from natives, because you could always re-sell for a profit in Europe, unless you were boycotting the good or let the tax rate get incredibly high (20%~), or over-traded an item to butcher it's price. So, with standard trade fluctuations, the native offerings for-sale would be valuable enough to sell for a profit in Europe, when comparing what you pay for them and what you would get for them. Usually a profit of at least 2-300 on unfinished goods, 800+ on finished.

  • JaVs

    JaVs - 2009-09-15

    **Edit** I should say... 100% profit on unfinished goods, 300%+ on finished.

  • Janet Hunt

    Janet Hunt - 2011-02-21
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  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2012-01-24
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  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2013-01-16
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  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2014-11-05

    ATM FreeCol is pretty generic about its native goods production --- they will produce anything they can from the tiles around them, and make (smaller amounts of) secondary goods from those as well. However the quantities are doubtless completely different to Col1. In particular, Silver was clearly significantly more common there.

  • Jazz Stefan

    Jazz Stefan - 2015-08-20

    remark: if you came with wagon train in col 1, you get 1:1 (so sell 100, get 100), with ships, you get only 1/4.


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