#27 Indian musket magic


Indian Advisor should show the tribe's attitude, the number of villages, the number of missions, MUSKETS, the number of horse heards, tech level. In that order.

The musket quantity indication is not only strategically important, it is also a very useful source of information on how the game works, and it has been was overlooked last time during the discussion about muskets in native hands.

Is makes it obvious, that Natives sometimes do multiply muskets upon acquiring them, thought the way it works is really weird. Usually, upon buying 50 they get 100 but they pay just for 50. Sometimes on rare occasions they can get more. When I sell 100 they pay for 100 and get 100. When I sell some small, uneven number the muskets info usually displays nothing.

I tested it on different levels and apparently it bears no direct relation to difficulty.


  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2009-07-02

    I see no justification for revealing numbers of muskets and horses. How could you colonists know that? Other players do not get to see the contents of your colony's stables and armoury. If this was in Col1 it was a misfeature, and weakens the natives unfairly.

    With respect to your observations about selling muskets: everything you said sounds true. It certainly can be a bit mysterious what they are doing. Which means, IMHO, the code is working well!

  • Misiulo

    Misiulo - 2009-07-30

    But thefact that the tribe has muskets/horses should be displayed by a proper icon.

  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2009-07-31

    Again, I ask ``How do you know that?'' A tribe can acquire horses and/or muskets as a result of a battle with another European, possibly far remote from anything you can see. There could be an argument that if say you had just scouted or attacked the village you can reasonably know about the presence of horses/muskets, but then again, just like with a European settlement, the locals might have armed/mounted someone and have none left in the settlement. I am just not convinced that in general, you can expect to tell what they have in their armoury.

  • abartels

    abartels - 2009-07-31

    Yes. The only way this would work without giving the player more information than he should have would be the following logic:

    IF you have sold muskets to a tribe OR
    you have seen a unit from that tribe with muskets THEN
    indicate from now on that this tribe _may_ have muskets

    This will be a pretty unreliable indicator - not taking into account the loss of muskets, for example, and by design not indicating anything that hasn't been observed by the player. I don't think this would be too useful.

  • Janet Hunt

    Janet Hunt - 2011-02-21
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    Mike Pope - 2012-01-24
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