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Contradictory to the stereotype, AI controlled nations in Colonization could achieve independence, but the way human player would (probably Microprose didn't have time to hone the AI sufficiently, but wanted to create the impression of some kind of race to independence going on) They just needed to reach certain number of colonists supporting independence (Depending on the difficulty level) and their king would let them go their own way. Spanish colonies would become The Republic of Mexico, French - the Republic of Quebec, English - United states of America, and Dutch - the Republic of Suriname. The war with such a faction would cease and their leader would offer human player peace on first occasion. They would get more friendly, generally speaking, though still could declare war on human player sometimes.

Interesting thing is that independence did not stop AI ex-colonies from trading with their old country or getting immigrants and other help from it.


  • Janet Hunt

    Janet Hunt - 2011-02-21
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  • Kalle Viiri

    Kalle Viiri - 2011-02-21

    Sounds pretty interesting, but as far as I've understood the AI receives no "special treatment" in FreeCol apart from balance cheating (which I reckon will be removed once the AI is strong enough) and the Treaty of Utrecht, an optional feature that was in Col for performance reasons. Maybe better if the AI had to fight for it like a human.

    Another question raised by this: Does another player's victory mean a loss for the others?

  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2012-01-24
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  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2013-01-16
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