#168 "Total production" in Trade advisor report

Pavel Jelínek

In "F9" report, the "Total production" for food drops from cca 56 to -144 when a new colonist is created from food.

Is the production calculated as a difference between last turn and this turn? That would mean that the following actions count as "production with minus sign":
- dumping cargo during refusal of tax increase
- spending tools on finishing buildings and ships
- equiping pioneers and soldiers

I would find this confusing.

Well, I experimentally verified that mounting colonists and moving horses into wagon trains does _not_ count as negative production.

But is not the thing with food confusing? How about tools to complete ships etc. ?

Should not all the questions above be answered in the bubble help for the label of the row "total production"?

I would like to see a line "Total units 10 turns ago" and "Total units 20 turns ago" in that report, this would help me estimate the long term balance including tools for finishing projects - which is now hard to estimate (if I am lazy to keep the number many turns ago in my head) regardless of the answer (whether tools to complete projects do or don't count as negative production).



  • Mike Pope
    Mike Pope

    The code is counting the total production across colonies, so dumping cargo will always be ignored, as is looting for that matter. Similarly equipping is IMHO correctly ignored because the goods in question are not consumed/lost.

    What is displayed is the result of the actions of units in colonies. Tools-for-buildings should work like food-for-new-colonist and potentially generate surprising negative values too. We could ignore the one-off tools/food consumption for buildings/colonists easily by using the Colony.getAdjustedNetProductionOf routine rather than Colony.getNetProductionOf as is currently used, but I am not entirely convinced that would be right. The existing totals correctly include tools consumption to make muskets and food consumption for colonists and horses. Why should we omit other causes of consumption for the same type of goods?

  • Pavel Jelínek
    Pavel Jelínek

    In my opinion, tool_to_muskets and food_to_horses are roughly constant and so it is useful for the player to see the production values decreased by this kind of consumption.

    On the contrary, tools_to_project_completions and food_to_new_colonists occur very irregularly and production values adjusted by these consumptions tell absolutely nothing to the player. If I see -15 tools in "Total production (decreased by tools_to_project)", it tells me absolutely nothing about whether I have enough blacksmiths. On the other hand, the line "Change of total units during last 10 turns" would probably tell me much more".

    But I may be wrong, too much influenced by my needs during my last game.

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    Mike Pope

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