#127 Equip units from ships/wagon trains


One thing I would dearly like, is, to be able to equip units with equipment (horses/guns/tools) from wagon trains in the same spot or ships they are on. Especially when I'm building a long road into a remote area, it's a real drag to have to walk to the nearest city, retool my hardy Pioneer, and send him out again.

Just an idea.


Ideas for FreeCol 2: #137


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Nice. Would give new life to wagons.

  • colonesier

    colonesier - 2010-07-14

    Thats a good idea and would make sense. I mean why shouldn't a soldier be able to take the guns from the cargo?
    It's not possible in the original game, but could be an interesting mod.

  • Michael Vehrs

    Michael Vehrs - 2010-07-15

    Yeah, ok. As an optional feature.

  • Michael Vehrs

    Michael Vehrs - 2010-07-15
    • milestone: --> 427565
  • Janet Hunt

    Janet Hunt - 2011-02-20
    • milestone: 427565 -->
  • Turbo Beholder

    Turbo Beholder - 2013-12-28

    One possible way to do it, with extra possibilities and reusing some existing mechanics: set up a camp, then move stuff around much like in a town [ideas-for-freecol:#150].



    Ideas for FreeCol 2: #150

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