• stefan_jones

    stefan_jones - 2010-09-17

    This is a highly optional feature.

    Basic level:

    Disease would be added as an random event. It might kill a colonist, or keep him from working for a turn.

    Disease  random events could also severely effect indian villages! A limited number of villages might die out. This frees up land, but sour relations.

    More complex:

    Colonies have a health rating, based on the terrain (warm and wet, poor; rivers and seasides, good)., colony size, and perhaps the mix of colonists. (Indentured servants and petty criminals would lower the rating.)

    Low health rated colonies would need more food to grow. Say, 250 food units. There's also be a chance of a disease result (dead colonist, lost production).

    High health rated colonies would grow at 180 food units, and have a much less of a chance of getting hit by disease.

    There could be a founding father who raises the health rating of the whole nation.

  • Michael Vehrs

    Michael Vehrs - 2010-09-19

    Yes, and I would also like to add catastrophes such as tornadoes, flooding and failed crops.

  • Jay

    Jay - 2012-05-19

    Would require slaves (healthier) to be separate from convicts and Europeans and be quite frustrating at first. Faster ship rates and higher raw material prices might make up for it.

    Killing off the natives would be the big thing here and may not be popular, given how important they are to the current version's trading network.


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