Can occupy native tents instead of destroyin

tom law
  • tom law

    tom law - 2011-06-25

    Give the player has the option to choose to occupy or destroy the tent(or cities like the Aztecs) of the natives they just conquered instead of just total anihilation after defeating them therefore enabling you to reap the benefits of city imrovements the natives have already built..More like what happens in the Civlization games.

  • Michael Vehrs

    Michael Vehrs - 2011-06-26

    This has been suggested before, but it would probably make the game too easy.

  • tom law

    tom law - 2011-06-26

    Having  the tribe get destroyed totally from existence once you attack their last tent/city will also make the game too easy since the enemy will completely disappear and we don't have to deal with them anymore when in real history,some tribes scattered and regrouped to attack the agressor or made deals with other colonial powers

  • Toni Hurskainen

    Toni Hurskainen - 2011-07-02

    Civ4Col models this somewhat with natives eventually abandoning their settlements under european cultural pressure and relocating elesewhere. Don't remember if it allows natives to resettle if their settlements get destroyed though.

    It would be good optional feature for freecol too.

  • Jay

    Jay - 2012-05-19

    Just did a post in a separate thread about "religion and monasteries" where I suggested 3 missionaries at a single location could give the player control of the site, but the 2nd and 3d missionaries risk seeing the entire mission burnt by angry local leaders.

    In any case, conquest should give you people if you have the right founding father, but not control of their settlement.


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