Destroy colonies

  • Lalalius

    Lalalius - 2012-06-19

    it'll be useful to have an option to destroy a colony. I see two ways of it's implementation:
    1) A player/AI can destroy a colony on capturing it (a civ-like dialog appears "We've defeated our enemies. What would you like to do with %COLONYNAME%? Capture/Destroy")
    2) A special button in colony's pop-up near Rename

    The reason for it is that some colonies positions are rather awkward and there is no wish to keep them on capture.

  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2012-06-19

    In general, you can destroy a colony simply by moving all the units out of it.

    The sole exception is that if you are using the classic ruleset and the colony has built a stockade, it is permanent.  This is deliberate, because this is what Col1 did and therefore we are obliged to support it in the classic ruleset.

    FTR I regard this restriction as very annoying and artificial -- the history of human settlement is full of abandoned towns -- and a major reason I much prefer the freecol rules.  If you are stuck with it, put one unit in the town, remove all the goods, build nothing more, and try to get the local natives to destroy it.

  • Anonymous - 2012-07-22

    I would definitely agree with lalaly4: it gets a little boring sometimes to have to move all units out of colonies (especially big ones). A button to do this would be nice.

  • Michael Vehrs

    Michael Vehrs - 2012-07-27

    An "abandon colony" button would be easy enough to add.


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