Plant Forest mod

  • Anonymous - 2012-08-02

    I think that in FreeCol 2, the Plant Forest mod should become an actual part of the game. Feel free to give your thoughts on this.

  • Benjamin Larson

    Benjamin Larson - 2013-09-23

    That would be really nice, because the stupid AI is so prone to plow away every forest.

  • Leon Baradat

    Leon Baradat - 2013-09-24

    Yes please! That's something I've wished for for some time. Too many times I've taken over a city only to find it has no source of lumber(!)

    Incidentally, it seems like it should take longer to plant a forest than to cut one down. I'd never heard of this mod before; does it model that?

  • boomerangcanibalthrowingsavage

    Perhaps the type of forest should be determined by the sort of terrain tile you try to plant it on?
    Also, I think that planted forests should produce less -um 'by-catch' (furs, food, etc) than natural ones.

  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2013-12-10

    Perhaps the type of forest should be determined by the sort of terrain tile you try to plant it on?

    It is, at least in the existing plant-forest mod.

    Also, I think that planted forests should produce less -um 'by-catch' (furs, food, etc) than natural ones.

    That would require new forest types and code modifications. As usual, ideas are easy to have, volunteers to do the implementation and testing, much harder to find.

  • boomerangcanibalthrowingsavage

    Aaah yes, I am quite familiar with the age old dilemma of ideas and contributions in open-source game communities.
    How people who are able/willing to make worthwhile contributions to the project may become swamped by idiots who can not or will not put in the time and effort to make any changes but are very quick to demand that their whims be indulged by the productive members of the commnuity: "I want mechanised lions, I can't programe, I don't have time to do graphics, but I think this idea would be really neat - all you'd have to do is write the code, do the graphics and change the way the game works..."

    I would however offer that firstly, the few special people who do have the ability and free time to make contributions deemed valuable are generally involved with their own projects, open-source or otherwise - since, as you have pointed out, it is easy to have ideas, those who have the ability to make something worthwhile out of them generally do.
    Secondly, the discussion 'what people would like to see in the next version of the game' invites ideas and suggestions, not contributions of code and graphics, etc. Finally, there are many ways to attract those who have the time and the ability to help out, assuming such help is required, I am not sure that pointing out to new members the commonly known and easilly demonstrated fact that it is easy to have ideas but not always easy to make something of them is neccesarrilly the best way to achieve desired results, but since I'm new here and don't yet know all the specifics of this game or its community I'll leave such matters to your discression.

    Assuming I am intelectually challanged and that I have only the most basic grasp of programming concepts, I can suggest at least one way I could go about implementing the changes suggested:
    Having never broused the code myself, I can speculate that if it is well written, (with comments) even a 15 year old unfamiliar with the language in which it is written should be able to take a few hours/days to examine the code and find the parts pertaining to features similar such as the irrigation, copy the relevant sections, change it from significantly increasing food production if a farmer is active on the tile to significantly increasing lumber production, if a lumberjack is active. Since there were no animations to speak of in the old FreeCol, doing a tile overlay by copying and pasting elements from existing graphics shouldn't prove impossible either. There may be difficulties such a limited frankenprogrammer might experience implementing desired clipart code to tiles where there is no option of a lumberjack harvesting anything, but I'm sure that said 15-year old would post something to the effect of "I is l33t h4XXX0r! y'r code is broke, my mad skillzzz can't fix it!" along with the frankencode and hopefully a slightly more helpful descripiton of what said prospective contributor is hoping to achieve, whereupon a benevolently disposed coder might indulge said prospective contributor by editing the fankencode and saying "try this" or otherwise "what you are trying to do is actually quite difficult, perhaps familiarise youself with [insert coding/scripting laguage] first, [insert link] may be helpful" - and that nobody is talking about growing forests on mountains or sea tiles.
    Since I do not know how the existing forest planting patch works, I can't say how it compares to what already exists, but I can say with confidence that while ideas are easy to have, some are easy to implement as well, and that on my worst day I could probalby take it at least to the point of posting something to the effect of "I is l33t h4XXX0r! y'r code is broke, my mad skillzzz can't fix it!" along with the frankencode assuming it is not written in some ungodly langauge like assember(!)

    -If however you only meant that my suggestion was off-topic, then point taken, appologies, and yes, I think that planting forests should be included, however I find it a little naieve to suggest that people around 1600 possessed the required knowledge to replicate an ecologically balanced sustainible artificial forest which is in most respects identical to what occours naturally in a country they have just discovered.
    thank you for enlightening me,
    -peace and blessings.

    PS: the mechanised lions are steam and clockwork powered, how else do you think they made them back then?

  • Greenknight32

    Greenknight32 - 2013-12-12

    Experience has shown that game is usually more abundant in the young, replanted forest. While it may take a long time to restore the full ecosystem, herbivores find ample forage and cover - more than is available in a mature forest.

  • boomerangcanibalthrowingsavage

    Good point, well made, I appologise for my ignorance on the matter


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