mixed-race colonies

  • Alejandro Gaita Arinyo

    I remember enjoying some trick/mod to play with the barbarians in civilization II, back in the time. I also recall real-history settlers sometimes "going native" or "going to Croatan" and think about the very many slave rebellions of different degree of success. I realize that I would enjoy playing with some kind of mixed-race colony, so I'll sketch some ideas about it.

    First, a mixed-race colony would be based mostly on natives (converted or not), servants, petty criminals, but maybe even regular colonists which are unhappy for some reason (hunger? taxes? actual war? impending war with Europe?) and escape their original colony. This of course would be more likely if explicit (African?) slavery is included. These, plus of course food abundance, would be the main population drive. The goals, as usual, to survive, to thrive and to be recognized as sovereign and independent.

    A key unresolved point may be what actions from the player trigger these defections, apart from some kind of FFs. Some possibilities:
    -For encouraging the defection of slaves, servants or criminals (SSCs): raid the fields where they work to lure them and/or add an option when winning in combat to kill only regular colonists and spare SSCs.
    -For encouraging defection of regular colonists in hungry colonies: offer food when needed, where needed.
    -For encouraging defection of regular colonists for tax reasons: accumulate a certain number of successful trade instances + non-food gifts.
    -For encouraging defection of regular colonists for war reasons: not being at war (or not suffering losses) when the target colony is at war (or suffering losses).
    The last three strategies could also be adapted to work to lure stressed Indians out of other tribes. Maybe even the first one, e.g. if you go attack a village to kill the missionary.

    I think if playing with natives is implemented, it should be possible to include this option too, as they would share much gameplay. The above stated goals, for starters, plus no trading with Europe, at least in the beginning (maybe later in the game large enough ships can be built?). Or maybe if the option is not implemented independently, some population-draining ideas could be taken into account when implementing indians in general. This should make it quite a bit more challenging for Europeans and more interesting for Indians.

  • Phil Grant

    Phil Grant - 2012-06-28

    This kinda exists in FreeCol already, just not the way you think.

    The big difference between FreeCol and Civilization is that in FreeCol YOU the player represent the "colonists which are unhappy for some reason…." YOU are the rebellion.

    Second, in theory, every colony has its own rebellious factions with its own leaders. Encouraging foreign colonists to rebel just helps the foreign rebellion to win faster.

    Third, no colonists get killed in FreeCol. If you successfully raid another colony, you win the colonists.


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