How do i build a dock

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Im having difficulty with this. a lot of my difficulty stems from teh fact that when ever i try to build a dock it always has N/A written on it. I mean i know it says that i need hammers but even when i have the hammers or tools or whatever i still cant build it. or a warehouse for that matter. So i was wondering is it that those buildings haven't been implemented yet or am i doing summn wrong…

    Please get back to me… please…

  • Profit

    Profit - 2010-09-12

    You need 2 things to build a building. Some buildings require up to 5 things though.

      #1 Lumber or a lumberjack producing lumber.
    #2  You need a carpenter working at the carpenters house or lumber mill to turn those planks into "hammers".

    #3.  Sometimes you need tools if the building is advanced.  For example the warehouse expansion requires 20 tools in addition to 80 "hammers"
    #4 Sometimes you need a certain number of people in a colony. For example to build a lumber mill I think it is 3 people.
    #5 Some buildings require other buildings first. IE you cannot build a newspaper without building a printing press.

    I hope this helps.

    Looking at your particular problem I think you are not producing lumber or you do not have a worker at the carpenters house.

  • Arafurian

    Arafurian - 2012-01-24

    Just to clarify Profit4's post: to produce timber, a lumberjack is of course best, but ANY colonist will do if you do not have a lumberjack handy. Likewise, a carpenter is best for turning the timber into hammers (and hence getting the dock built), but again, any colonist will do if you don't have one.

    Plus: to get a lumberjack, put a Free Colonist to work cutting timber, and eventually he will be 'promoted' to lumberjack. That always works out in the fields (right-hand section inside the colony). To promote the Free Colonist to Carpenter, however, you need a college.

    All of this is detailed quite nicely in the pdf Manual.

  • Jeanmiwan

    Jeanmiwan - 2014-06-21

    @ Profit & Arafurian

    You're not providing any help here.
    We're talking about DOCKS and you talk about advanced buildings.
    We're talking about resources we already have got at the very beginning of the game and you talk about collecting them.

    I built a colony, I have 100 hammers in stock and one settler in the colony.
    The game doc doesn't tell me of any condition needed to construct the dock, excepted for the 52 d...ed hammer (I've got 100 of those, do you remember ?)
    After THREE GAME YEARS, the docks still haven't even started to rise up !
    I finally returned another settler in my very first (and very lone) settlement (still only one population after three years ? I know : he was alone and you must be two if you want to make babies)
    The dock still doesn't build up.

    So please tell me the reason the DOCK doesn't build up.
    Everything you writed here, I already read it in the game doc (the pdf file) and it doesn't tell anything about the DOCK. Nor did you here.

    • James Kuyper

      James Kuyper - 2014-06-22

      You said that you have 100 hammers in stock. 100 Hammers is a very suspicious quantity for a newly founded colony with only one colonist. Hammers cannot be traded, they can only be created in the same Colony where they are used. Master Carpenters working in a Carpenter's House produce 6 Hammers per turn, other Specialists and Free Colonists produce 3, so either way the number should be a multiple of 3. Even with a Master Carpenter it should have taken you at least 17 turns to produce 102 Hammers.
      At the start of the game, one of your units carries 100 tools, making him a pioneer - if he joins a colony, he ceases to be a pioneer, and his 100 tools are stored in the Warehouse. The icon for Hammers and the icon for Tools are easy to confuse - I used to do that all the time. Have you perhaps confused them?

      Tools are actual physical objects, that can be stored in the Warehouse; while Hammers are an abstract representation of work done by carpenters. You can start carpenters working on one project, and then switch them to another, and the work they did on the first project automagically becomes work they did on the new one, so in a sense, the work can be stored - but not in a Warehouse. Therefore, if the "Hammers" are in your Warehouse - they aren't Hammers, they're Tools.

      If this is the problem, then the solution is to put someone to work in the Carpenter's House. Ideally a Master Carpenter, but even a Petty Criminal in there would be some use. Make sure you can afford to do this - if your food production goes negative, you might run out before the Docks are built. I'd also recommend doing something with those Tools. I normally have a Pioneer use them to improve the Tiles in the city - building roads or clearing land. Some people like selling them to the Natives, for a quick infusion of money.

      [Modified 2014-06-23 to more clearly distinguish between Specialists and non-specialists]

      Last edit: James Kuyper 2014-06-23
    • Desertfox

      Desertfox - 2014-06-27


      Last edit: Desertfox 2014-06-27
  • Jeanmiwan

    Jeanmiwan - 2014-06-21

    I must add I'm not so stupid as I try to build up a dock in the middle of the desert.
    My first settlement is along the coast and the AI automatically selects the DOCK as the first building that must be built.

  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2014-06-22

    I think you may be underestimating how difficult it is to help with a graphics based game using a mere text-based medium like this forum. There are many possible reasons you may be having trouble building docks. If I tried to list them all I doubt I would get it completely right.

    So help us to help you. We really need more information at this point. The simplest reason is: `There was a bug in that version of FreeCol', but you have not told us what version you are running. Next simplest is that the docks have been built, but the building display is broken, or confusing to you, or even that the docks icon is hidden/scrolled off the building panel. But we have no way to tell that without being able to see your screen. After that we get into building constraints as suggested above (even simple buildings like Docks have constraints as you correctly point out in your reference to not building in a desert, and alas, sometimes the code implementing the constraints is buggy). But that can not be definitely answered without access to the saved game.

    ATM all your readers really know is:
    - You are having trouble building docks
    - Your colony contains 1 unit, and 100 hammers, and is on the coast

    You are the only one who can improve that. Screenshots, saved game, log files, and a better description of what you are using, and what you have tried, all would help. More detail is rarely worse than less. Trust me on that, I have fixed hundreds of FreeCol bugs, and the most common reason a problem remains unsolved is "lack of information".

  • OzarM

    OzarM - 2014-06-23

    I would concur that 100 tools have likely been confused for hammers. That seems like the most likely possibility.

  • Desertfox

    Desertfox - 2014-06-27

    @ Jeanmiwan,

    To build a dock, first produce 52 Lumber (wood) in the colony. Do this by putting your colonist on a wood-producing tile and select it to chop wood (right click on colonist activates choices).
    After you have 52 lumber, turn your colonist into a carpenter. Carpenters produce hammers (not to be confused with tools) which are not visible as a good but consume lumber and accumulate as you construct buildings. Once you have produced 52 hammers you will have finished the building.

    N.B. This is time-consuming. It is usually better to wait with constructing buildings until you have more colonists (preferably experts) and instead produce commercial goods. For example: if the central tile of your colony produces sugar, use your colonist to produce rum from it. Transport the rum back to Europe for big profits. With those big profits, buy specialists. Or even better, once you have enough money, equip a new colonist with horses, forming a scout. Use that scout to visit Indian villages. Roughly half the times (?) the Indian village will give you money as a welcoming gift. For incas and Aztecs, this can be quite a substantial amount.


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