AI cheating like mad?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I just started a new game on a random map and experienced this:

    Turn 1: My french make landfall on the new world. Two spaces afar are the spanish (the usual veteran soldier and free colonist with tools).

    Turn 2: As the spanish will probably occupy the same bonus squares as me I decide on an preventive strike (if things go wrong, I could still start a new game…). Result: Spanish veteran soldier is down, my soldier is promoted to veteran.

    Turn 3: Using a river nearby, the spanish soldier (without muskets) flees. My unit advances towards the spanish city.

    Turn 4: My veteran soldiers capture Isabella, 1000 gold pieces are sacked. This means: The spanish are broke, totally broke! Account balance: Zero, nada, nix Gold :)

    Turn 5: I leave Isabella and take the free colonist with it's tools with me. My soldier advances in the direction of the flown spanish soldier.

    Turn 6: A spanish artillery appears next to my hardened pioneer! Wtf? Just in time my caravel appears, carrying a veteran scout who is able to damage the spanish artillery.

    Turn 7: The spaniard blasts it's already damaged artillery agains my newly built city. According to the diplomacy report, the spanish now have 2 units left (logically: the caravel and the flown spanish veteran soldier) and they are still down to 0 gold.

    Turn 8: Nothing happens. My scout and my soldier advance forward, a new spanish city is spotted. Meanwhile my second caravel arrives, carrying some trade goods for the indian villages.

    Turn 9: Espionage shows that  the spanish colony only has one citicen, the aforementioned soldier working as a farmer. No muskets are availabe. At the same time my soldier closes the gap and is next to the city.

    Turn 10: The spanish caravel arrives, carrying TWO dragoons! How the heck did the spanish guys pay for this? But it doesn't matter, my soldier degrades one of his newly arrived dragoons to soldier status. From the east, my first caravel comes with reinforcements in form of one artillery and one dragoon.

    Turn 11: My soldier is finally routed. I unload the two units from my caravel next to his city.

    Turn 12: A spanish FRIGATE arrives!!! Carrying one artillery and two more dragoons!

    At this point I'm getting frustrated and quit the game. What the hell is going on there? There was no rumour around and even if it were, the spaniard must have collected at least 12k in gold to pay for all the goodies that arrived.

    Can anyone tell me what this is? A bug? The AI cheating with intention?

    Thanks for the answers.

  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2011-10-31

    FAQ: Yes, the AI cheats outrageously.

  • Greenknight32

    Greenknight32 - 2011-11-01

    The AI has to cheat, since it's really stupid. It would be totally pathetic if it didn't cheat.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Depends what level you're on too, if it's a hard or very hard level? The AI's going to cheat like mad ;)

  • Misiulo

    Misiulo - 2012-02-04

    The free units wouldn't be such a bad idea, if the AI knew how to properly use them. But bacuse of it's tendency for smallpoxing it  it seems to me, itdoesn't make it a better chellange, it only makes the game slower by cramming the map with little colonies and units. For that reason it could have been nice if there was an option to turn it off. Also it seems to me that AI doesn't fight with Natives as much as it should. And it is a great fun to see the AI players kill each other

  • Jeremiah

    Jeremiah - 2012-02-05

    i myself would like to see the AI stop "smallpoxing".  the player carefully judges where to place his colonies, why shouldn't the AI?  it really ruins the immersion when you see colonies named "colony-117"  or  "colony-53".  in my opinion once the AI runs out of names it should stop establishing colonies and start focusing on building up it's military.  in my last game the danish had almost 150 colonies and a military strength of zero.  this, in my opinion, is a gamebreaker.  i know, i know, making the AI place it's colonies better would make the game a little slower, but IMHO longer AI turns would be worth it for better immersion.  besides, you could grab a history book and start reading while waiting for your turn, i do! ;-)

  • Misiulo

    Misiulo - 2012-02-06

    It is also illogical; the prime reason for colonization is material gain, so it is productive to have, say 1 or 2 well placed colonies per ship, else You just can't transport the goods. It would be nice if the AI could fortify a colony and make it nice, attend to all it's workforce needs before seeking to build a new one. This approach is called perfectionism. It migh lift some unnecessary weight from the CPU. The opposite approach is called expasnionism. A funny thing is, that while in Col the AI would normally build only a few colonies; wchich in my oppinion could be somewhat too perfectionist, Free Col seems to have the opposite problem.

  • Henrik Norrström

    In the original all nations had diffrent values  on the expansionism/perfectionism rate for the ai.
    You was even able to manually set a grade of the expansionism/perfectionism for the diffrent countrys. As well as aggresiveness etc…
    A high perfection setting worked best for the ai i think in most cases.

    All this would be cool to see in Freecol also sometime. 

  • Invaderbravo

    Invaderbravo - 2012-03-10

    hnorrstrom   I agree wth what your saying and would also like to see some custom ai scrpts implemented. Love the Game btw

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    does the AI ever declare independence? I've never seen it do so.

    Also, how does the AI find in Lost City rumors so many treasure trains? I'm lucky If i get one in a game, or for that, one ever two games.

  • Mike Pope

    Mike Pope - 2012-03-31

    > does the AI ever declare independence?

    Not yet, but there is no real barrier to it doing so now, just a matter of time/someone to write the code.  I doubt it was able to generate enough bells to do so before 0.10.4 so this has only recently become worth thinking about.

    > Also, how does the AI find in Lost City rumors so many treasure trains?

    Not quite sure what you are asking, but the AI does not find a lot of LCR-treasure trains, and if it did the content would be the same as what you find as the same rules apply.  In 0.10.5 the AI scouting ability is very poor (but is much improved in trunk).  You may be seeing AI treasure trains that result from it successfully destroying a native settlement.  It is much better at that.


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