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This is the FreeCol bug tracker. If you think you have found a bug this is the place to report it, except:

  • If it is a translation issue. Any text message in FreeCol is orignally written in English and then translated by the volunteers at translatewiki. If you have found a problem in non-English text, please go there to fix it. Only the translatewiki maintainer commits changes to FreeCol translations. OTOH, if a translated message contains strings "%like% %this%" (that is, English words enclosed in percentage signs) that is a FreeCol bug. Except, if the words are not in English, then it is a translation bug again. I hope that was clear!
  • If it is a difference between FreeCol and Colonization 1. These should go on the Pending Features for FreeCol tracker. There is further discussion of such issues on the What Would Col1 Do? wiki.
  • If it is a request for an improvement rather than an actual bug. These go on the Improvement Requests tracker.

Known Common Problems

Java Version

FreeCol 0.11.6 now uses Java 8 (Java 7 is no longer being maintained). If 0.11.6 does not run, check your installed Java version.

Windows Installer failure

The installer for 0.11.2 on Windows had problems BR#2790, which are now mostly fixed. However there are still concerns for systems where the installed Java uses a different word size (32/64 bits) than the underlying operating system.

Intermittent Problems With Window Handling On Windows OS

There are intermittent problems with window handling from Java on Windows, which are dependent on Java and Windows version. These are more likely to appear when using full screen mode and mostly show when a dialog window is opened and when the opening video is shown. This can result in the game window suddenly minimizing or the dialog or video being hidden behind the game window, see BR#2328 and BR#2729.


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Created Updated Labels Priority
3122 Game is flagged as malware Unspecified closed-rejected Andrew Mead 4 days ago 3 days ago 5  
3116 Should colonits be commisionable to "messionary" in colony? Unspecified closed-invalid vasya novikov 2017-11-12 2017-11-18 1  
3078 Incorrect text on Declaration of Independence Unspecified closed-rejected David Lewis 2017-08-03 2017-08-05 5  
3068 unit-change-type for experience requires complete clone when adding Unspecified closed-invalid David Lewis 2017-07-28 2017-07-31 5  
3061 Requirements Panel produces NullPointer Exception Unspecified closed-duplicate David Lewis 2017-07-24 2017-08-07 5  
3048 Game performance drops very quickly Unspecified closed-duplicate Beep6581 2017-05-13 2017-11-18 5  
3032 Occasional Empty Colony Unspecified closed-duplicate Jonas Stevnsvig 2017-02-16 2017-02-16 Colony Panel, map 5  
3026 Can not load saved games more than 10x Unspecified closed-rejected Fenyo 2017-02-07 2017-02-16 2  
3022 Colony is not centered horizontally Unspecified closed-invalid Fenyo 2017-02-04 2017-02-05 UI 3  
3020 [dd7d74] Boycott lifted for Custom House before Fugger joins Unspecified closed-invalid Calebrw 2017-01-31 2017-07-29 5  
2995 Colopedia property strings contain duplicated wrapper HTML tags Unspecified closed-wont-fix Calebrw 2016-10-22 2017-03-09 I18n 5  
2960 Teacher in college cannot find student. Unspecified closed-invalid Teekin Red 2016-04-23 2016-04-24 student, college 5  
2954 Wrong tile owner colour in panel of captured colony Unspecified closed-rejected christian 2016-04-01 2016-04-03 5  
2951 Error message when pressing 'skip' twice Unspecified closed-duplicate christian 2016-03-23 2016-03-24 5  
2939 GAME FREEZES when adding custom number of goods to cargo units Unspecified closed-out-of-date aulm 2016-01-25 2016-07-29 9  
2938 Units cannot be added to build queue Unspecified closed-out-of-date aulm 2016-01-25 2016-07-29 Units, Build Queue 9  
2934 Clear orders does not work Unspecified closed-out-of-date ddtwid 2016-01-17 2016-01-17 5  
2931 Resource not decementing Unspecified closed-out-of-date Elder Statesman 2016-01-12 2016-07-29 5  
2930 install source code Unspecified closed-rejected ddtwid 2016-01-10 2016-01-14 5  
2929 Mouse Cursor Duplicate Unspecified closed-duplicate Gebus 2016-01-09 2016-01-10 5  
2928 Broken version of FreeCol? Unspecified closed-invalid Mike Comber 2016-01-05 2016-01-10 3  
2927 Bartolemew Casa not Available Unspecified closed-out-of-date Enrico Lingad 2015-12-14 2016-05-04 5  
2923 Unable to create colony on some tiles Unspecified closed-duplicate Barry Lyndon 2015-10-11 2015-10-12 5  
2921 Try to educate colonist from ship gives error Unspecified closed-out-of-date Tiziel 2015-10-05 2017-02-17 5  
2919 Multiplayer - game freezes Unspecified closed-rejected Tiziel 2015-09-24 2015-09-28 multiplayer, game freeze 5  
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