0.2.0 is released

After just over one year since the previous official release (0.1.0), 0.2.0 is out.

The codebase has undergone significant development over this last year: (combined release notes for 0.2.0 and both technical preview releases)

* New plugin based VFS, now supports tgz and mix files.
* Fog of war.
* Game messages are logged.
* Loading screen.
* More building rules: prerequisite and proximity checks.
* Map bookmarking.
* Selection storing.
* Several bugfixes.
* Flame thrower and chemical thrower units can fire.
* Walls can be attacked.
* AI (in early stages of development).
* Health bars work (and change colour).
* Units and structures have armour (affects the effectiveness of weapons).
* Units and structures can now force attack (replaces control-clicking to apply 25 points of damage).
* When you either complete or fail a mission you are told by EVA and a message appears at the top (amongst the other messages).
* You can attack with most units and structures (that you should be able to). Currently:
Rifle infantry, Rocket infantry, Commando (no C4 effect yet), Light, Medium, Mammoth and Stealth tanks, NOD Buggy, Humvee, NOD Bike, APC, Normal and Advanced Guard towers and NOD Turrets.
* Better VQA decoding.
* New file-handling code. This can handle external files transparently. (see below)
* External song lists. See songs.ini for more information. Because the file handling code can transparently load external files, you can use the music from "Tiberian Sun" or either "Red Alert" as long as you've extracted the AUDs into somewhere that is searched by freecnc
* Minimap
* -nosound command line option to disable sound


The FreeCNC Team

Posted by Euan MacGregor 2002-08-02

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