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Mobile Freecell and Sudoku / News: Recent posts

Mobile Freecell V0.6 released

This release 0.6 adds several new features.

1) An Exit option, and a Back command in-game.
2) A simple help screen.
3) Back light forced on during game.
4) A main menu option to enter a game number, complementing the existing random new game option.
5) Undo feature.

Posted by Ben C 2008-05-08

Mobile Freecell V0.4

Mobile Freecell - A fully functional, well designed classic card game for J2ME enabled mobile phones.

This release adds a couple of small bug fixes to make the game more playable. The game is completely functional, very playable and addictive. The perfect thing to fill in those gaps in the day where you are stuck waiting for someone for 5 minutes. Next steps - add help and statistics.

Posted by Crspe 2006-01-13

Mobile Freecell V0.3 release

Mobile Freecell - A fully functional, well designed classic card game for J2ME enabled mobile phones.

This release includes new features and bug fixes. This game should be very playable now and enjoyable! Post feedback on the forums of what you want to see next.

Posted by Crspe 2005-11-23

Mobile Freecell V0.1 release

An intermediate alpha release of Freecell for J2ME enabled mobile phones.

This release significantly improves the playability of the game by automating stack moves and automating moves to the end stacks.

This is now a fully playable game of freecell with well designed graphics and a efficient, well designed user interface. The only features missing for beta release are save game and options menus.... read more

Posted by Crspe 2005-11-20

SudokuME v1.32

This is a new release of the Sudoku game started here:
(admin of that project not responding to emails)

This release has the following features:
This software is a fully featured Sudoku game including:
- support for many phones.
- Advanced, programmable keymap
- grid solver
- hint system
- automatic calculation of possible cell values
- display of possible values in the cell
- downloadable grids (if your phone / network provider supports this)
- save games

Posted by Crspe 2005-10-20

First Release!

Freecell is up and running - See the download page to try out this version ... upcoming improvements - better UI, saving and continuing games, statistics, ... ...

Till then - Enjoy this version!

Posted by Crspe 2005-10-19