Hello people,

I am having trouble working out how to use  icalcomponent_new_from_string. It fails to parse an ical entry taken from the test program recur. It gives a parse error when it gets to the end of the string, i.e after it has read and processed END:VEVENT. I have tried adding various combinations of newline and carriage return but with no effect. Can some kind person please tell me what I am doing wrong.

void andrew()
    icalcomponent* component;
    icalproperty *desc, *dtstart, *rrule;
    struct icalrecurrencetype recur;
    struct icaltimetype start;
    icalrecur_iterator* ritr;
    struct icaltimetype next;
    const char *desc_str = "malformed component";
    const char* ical_text = "BEGIN:VEVENT\n\r"
" :Repeat every thursday starting Tue 2nd April 2002\n\r"
" :20020402T114500\n\r"
" :20020402T124500\n\r"

    component = icalcomponent_new_from_string(ical_text);
    if (component == NULL)
        printf("ANDREW: Parse error.\n");

/* do other things... */



Andrew Marlow
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