#77 Multiple Categories not collapsed to single entry


UsingLibical.txt says about multiple categories

"However when you convert a component to a string, the library will collect all of the CATEGORIES properties into one. "

But this does not work. If I add 3 new category properties to an event and then call icalcomponent_as_ical_string() I get three single valued CATEGORIES properties, not one as suggested.

There is a related categories bug # 3385364


  • Allen Winter

    Allen Winter - 2011-10-12

    to get all the categories into 1 property you need to join them yourself and then use icalproperty_new_categories()

    In KDE we do it like so:
    QString categories = incidence->categories().join( "," );
    if ( !categories.isEmpty() ) {
    parent, icalproperty_new_categories( categories.toUtf8() ) );

    now, in libical 0.46 and older that will result in the commas being escaped, for example:

    but in libical 0.47 and above that has been fixed and you should see, for example:

  • Antony

    Antony - 2011-10-14

    I found the change in 0.47 in icalmemory_strdup_and_quote(), but I think there is a bug because the ; and , case statements should be reversed, because at the moment, it will not escape a ; either, making it illegal. Just put the case ',' before the case ';'

    However, it's not clear whether the text icalvalue implementation will support quoted strings and what would happen if you add the category "Hotels, Australia", i.e. where that means a SINGLE double quoted category containing a comma, which I understand is perfectly legal


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