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On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 6:47 AM, Bernard <bht237@gmail.com> wrote:

I have a question while I am playing with the part design sketches.

How can I create a length constraint of a sketched rectangle point
with respect to an edge of a pad that the sketch sits on?

I fail to select the edge of the pad as a reference line for the

There is no problem creating a constraint wrt the coordinate axes of
the current sketch system. The current sketch system sits on a face of
the pad I sketched on the previous level.

IMHO it would make sense to define constraints wrt an object's edges,
e.g. 0 distance from an edge rather than defining a constraint wrt the
sketch coordinate system where I would have to look up and repeat the
dimensions of the pad to do what I want.

I want that a new rectangle is locked wrt an edge of a part so that if
I change the size of the part later, then that new rectangle moves
with the change.

So I must be missing something.

BTW I have successfully converted my first geometric construction
script with quite a few boolean solid operations from another package
to FreeCAD successfully without problems :) I was concerned with
unions of adjacent solids which don't work in the other package unless
the solids overlap (being sunk into each other). No problem with

Many thanks,


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