New plot module (sanguinariojoe-plot) can be now integrated into master branch.

It's not intrusive:

* Module checks for matplotlib before be loaded, and stop importing process if matplotlib is not available printing warning at terminal. Then module is not available anymore at workbenches list.
* Using autoconf or cmake matplotlib will seeked, but if not found a warning will shown, plot module will not installed, and all process will continue normally.
* Debian package only recommends matplotlib, but is not a hard dependency.

So module is only available if matplotlib is installed even if you use Windows installer/Autoconf/CMake/Debian package (And I suppose that MAC OsX is covered too), without old behaviour significant alteration.

Module behaviour is excellent (see tutorial)! And I'm actively documenting it!

I'm waiting for merge before re-develope ship module (i will place a notice on forum too).