New FreeCAD-Ship paradigm is incoming, I'm really happy with new behaviour!

For the moment all tools till Transversal areas curve ploter has been moved to new paradigm.

I noted some strange stuff (that i have been avoided) at developing (Now I'm using OCE):

1.- If you take a compound shape (solids compound) and do common (or cut, or fuse) with a solid box shape, you can take a lot of fail solids. But if you divide the compound object into solids, and do common operation with each solid, all gone right. Anyone knows why?
2.- When I have common operation output shape, I need to do before get data from solid, and remove new object later. I think that recomputation is needed, but i don't know why.

Also i need help. One of the hydrostatic tools needs outer surfaces (in order to compute wetted surface). So I need to filter all inner surfaces (of a solids compound object), any idea?