Hi FreeCAD er's,

I wanted to introduce myself and ask a few quick questions.

I'm currently taking a 3D CAD solid modeling class at St Louis Community College in USA.  The packages used are Inventor, ProE, and SolidWorks.
I was wanting to practice at home design modeling, and am looking at this package FreeCAD.  My computers at home run on Ubuntu.

Does Free CAD have Design Tables (Family Tables)?
generate G code to CNC a part?
generate .stl files for sterolithography parts?
do FEA on a part?
generate an animation video with an assembly?
be used for PCB layouts?
run a pSPICE model of the PCB with parts?
does it have a sheet metal modeling package?
do 2D layout drawings?
generate a bill of materials (parts list)?

i just want to know what i can and can't look for when using this package.