I'm just getting started with Free-cad and would like some advice if possible. I'm trying to generate .jpg images of slices of a 3d model for a 3d printer or DLP rapid prototyping machine. 

The general idea of what I'm trying to do is to allow the user to configure the orientation of the slicing plane and the slicing thickness, and then have Free-cad slice the model and generate images of each slice and save the images to a file. This is similar to the Slic3r projects "export to .svg" command. However, Slic3r doesn't always do a good job making the .svg file when the .stl file is complex. Also, I would like to use 3d model formats besides .stl files. 

I just used Doxygen to build documentation for Free-cad. I'm reading all I can to get an understanding of how free-cad works. 

Can you give me any pointers on where to start or general advice about my project? am I reinventing the wheel??


Anthony G