Hi Duncan,
Great to hear!

I began to work on FreeCAD for similar reasons (I'm the main (only?) developer of the Arch module). I publish from time to time news about the Arch module on my blog, in case you want to have a look... http://yorik.uncreated.net/guestblog.php

Makes me think it's time to write about the recent changes...

Hope you'll stick around!

On 31 May 2012 14:38, Duncan Lithgow wrote:
Hi good people

I've noticed FreeCAD over the years getting quite useful and when I
saw there was work being done on a BIM module for AEC I thought it was
time to join in. I'm a constructing architect working with Autodesk
Revit with a strong commitment to OpenSource development and I don't
mind saying a strong dislike of the way Autodesk does business. More
about me at LinkedIn: http://dk.linkedin.com/in/duncanlithgow

So I'll just pipe once in a while when user interface and similar user
related things things turn up here.

All the best


(yes, I'd secretly love to learn both Python and C++, but it's not a
priority in my life now)