No, when you reimport your step file the contents are imported as "dumb" shapes. There is quite a lot of info in FreeCAD objects, outside the shape (the parameters, the history, etc) that cannot be saved in the step files, and that would be hard or impossible to figure out on file load.

Having all those applications communicate at such a deep level seems very hard to do IMHO... I doubt much that it would happen anytime soon. But the shapes exchanged by the step format are usually of very high quality, you actually shouldn't have any problem working with several applications together, only you'll loose the modeling history... But even so, subobjects could always be exported one by one...


On 30 October 2011 18:31, Carlton Corbitt wrote:

I was wondering can FreeCAD interrogate the features and recreate a feature tree for a part saved in a STEP file or IGS file format?
So changes can be made to features on a part drawn in a different (Inventor, SolidWorks, etc) CAD modeler package?

If so how?